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SIDERMES has been a supplier of measurement probes and instruments for the metallurgical industry since 1978, constantly improving its systems and technologies in order to produce high quality products. The experience of its engineers and its qualified personnel made SIDERMES one of the best and most respected specialized suppliers on a world level, being represented in 5 continents by its subsidiaries, distributors and agents.
Service centers are located in most European, African, Asian, Central and South American countries and in the near future representatives will be present also in countries which are currently not covered. SIDERMES has experts capable of meeting all supervision needs of the customers, and a line of instruments that can be connected with PC or PLC. More than 200 million sensors have been supplied since the creation of SIDERMES and many steel plants all over the world have also been supplied with SIDERMES digital instruments or with the ADS® automatic measuring system. Employing more than 100 people, the SIDERMES group is organized in an extremely flexible way, capable of meeting any demand within a very short period of time. Since 1989 an automatic measuring system has also been supplied to many plants for various applications, in order to support the increasingly strict safety standards in the workplace.
The core business of SIDERMES is entirely focused on the production of high quality sensors for all applications in the metallurgical industry. This covers all needs for monitoring and assessing melted metal processes, from beginning to end. Constantly improving production, SIDERMES has top quality know-how not only in the production of sensors but also in supplying digital measurement instruments and related accessories.

Our intention is to focus on the quality and reliability of products, always being attentive to every specific need that a customer may have.

Since March 1994 SIDERMES has certified its quality system, currently pursuant to ISO 9001:2008.

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